InterAction Modules

In addition to our standard InterAction components, the following modules can be purchased separately:

InterAction® Contact Verifier™

The InterAction Contact Verifier Module enables users to easily update their contact record through an automated e-mail process. The system queries individuals for their updated contact information and when responses are received, it automatically updates the centralized database. This new tool is fully integrated with InterAction and provides customers with a fast, easy and reliable way to keep contact data accurate and complete.

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InterAction® Matters™

This optional module enables law firms to enhance their Relationship Intelligence by connecting matters, people and companies in one central repository. In most firms today, matter and contact information is maintained across several technology systems, including time and billing, CRM and word processing documents, which makes it nearly impossible to understand and leverage experience and expertise in business development and client service activities. InterAction Matters resolves this situation by consolidating relevant matter information and combining it with InterAction data already captured about people, companies and relationships. Additionally, InterAction Matters supports the tracking of external parties associated with a matter, such as expert witnesses, judges and opposing counsel. This, coupled with advanced distribution list management capabilities, allows for working group lists, service lists and other day-to-day matter-level communications to be reliably maintained within InterAction. Finally, InterAction Matters provides tools for firms as they continue to formalize their business development processes with the ability to track important information about referrals, competitors and referenceable work.

With InterAction Matters, legal teams have a single place to go for up-to-date, relevant and valuable matter information and can easily leverage the collective experience and Relationship Intelligence of the firm for the benefit of improved business development and enhanced client service.

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InterAction® Opportunities™

The ability to accurately predict future revenues and manage prospective engagements and deals as they flow through the development pipeline is becoming increasingly important in a competitive landscape. InterAction Opportunities is an optional module that is designed for accounting, management consulting, legal and financial services firms that need an effective method for managing prospective business transactions. This module empowers firms to manage new opportunities and deals through firm-defined sales stages to closure, making it easier to predict future revenues and take preemptive action if the revenue pipeline does not match expectations. The system will track and manage referrals or acquisition candidates, enabling firms to identify and focus efforts on relationships that bring business to the firm. It will also estimate and forecast revenues or deal potential, monitor the opportunity pipeline and produce meaningful management reports so that management has constant intelligence on prospective business. InterAction Opportunities also supports distribution list management and maintenance, providing firms and organizations with the ability to streamline day-to-day communications surrounding any pending deal or opportunity. Financial services firms will also be able to leverage the capabilities of this module to profile investment opportunities, track investment referrals, rate investments and track progress and activities with investment analysts.

InterAction Opportunities allows the firm’s management to better manage prospective business, and provides professionals with a complete and comprehensive view of their clients and prospects. By combining intelligence on opportunities with other InterAction information on people, companies and relationships, InterAction Opportunities not only provides management with a comprehensive perspective on potential engagement and deal revenues, it also gives them the ability to determine the people and companies who are playing key roles in a firm’s profitability, and those that are not contributing to the bottom line. This results in streamlined operations, reduces misallocation of resources and provides the firm with the ability to make appropriate and timely business decisions.

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InterAction® Engagements™

The InterAction Engagements module is designed for professional services organizations, including management consulting, accounting and financial services firms, to consolidate and track the unique information about the services they provide for their clients. InterAction Engagements will provide these firms with enhanced Relationship Intelligence by connecting the record of the work performed to the people and companies involved in the delivery of the service. InterAction Engagements additionally helps client and project teams to enhance client service with tools that facilitate day-to-day engagement management, including advanced distribution list management and tracking important activities, events and interactions associated with engagement contacts. Finally, InterAction Engagements gives firms the ability to identify important business development information about referrals, competitors and referenceable work.

With InterAction Engagements, project and client teams have a single place to go for up-to-date, relevant and valuable engagement information and can easily leverage the collective experience, expertise and Relationship Intelligence of the firm to the benefit of improved business development and enhanced client service.

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