Replace Spreadsheets to Optimize Relationships

The legal profession isn’t exempt from the “big data” explosion that is happening around us. Firms depend on the quality of their data in almost every facet of operations, and that element is emerging as one of the greatest challenges to confront the CRM industry.

Miscommunication with clients and prospects, as the result of poor contact data found in multiple unlinked spreadsheets, can irreparably damage relationships. We know client expectations are high. LexisNexis® InterAction® can help you get to the next level of efficiency by reducing bad data, eliminating missed opportunities, normalizing your data, and optimizing your customer relationships—all at an affordable price.



Law firms operate in highly competitive markets, and in order to sustain successful business growth, the evolving demands of clients require an innovative approach. More than any other industry, the professional services sector relies upon image, trust, competence, and confidence.

At LexisNexis, we know that having the right technology and support can help proactively improve data quality, and we want to walk alongside of you in your journey. The email signature capture functionality in LexisNexis® InterAction® IQ will clean and update your data  sing one of the most accurate sources of contact information available.

Investing in a CRM solution is one of the most important decisions in advancing a client relationship management strategy. We designed InterAction to help you gain greater control of your data and quickly improve your firm’s productivity and efficiency.