The InterAction Professional Services team has successfully performed hundreds of upgrades over the years. Our expertise ranges from simple single environment single server upgrades to systems with several distinct environments with multiple server components across the world.

Why Upgrade?

LexisNexis is constantly working to solve new problems in the industry and improve and innovate our products. Each release contains important new features, performance improvements, and issue updates. Upgrade today to take advantage of the full power of LexisNexis innovation and expertise.

Why Now?

As technology advances, so does InterAction. Take advantage of the new features to maintain support with the latest OS, browser technology, security features, and performance improvements. See the InterAction support site for details on features of the latest release:

Upgrade today to take advantage of the latest InterAction features

Improve the quality of your contact data and simplify your firm’s compliance efforts with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Improved workflow for management of duplicate contacts

Review the Latest Features

The team will conduct a workshop reviewing with you the latest features and functionality. We will discuss how these features can best be utilized to help boost your CRM implementation.

Assess the Environment

Each environment is different. LexisNexis has standard recommendations for hardware and requirements for third-party support. The team will review your environment and recommend the right configuration for your firm based on industry best practices and years of experience with the InterAction product.

Partner with our world-class professionals, leveraging years of experience,
to lead you in a successful upgrade

Plan and Prepare

The consultants will help you plan and prepare for the upgrade. Each release will require several or in some cases all components to be upgraded. Also, many of the updates include new functionally that needs to be installed and configured. Employ the experts to make your upgrade as efficient as possible. The team will develop an upgrade strategy tailored to fit your firm’s needs.

Upgrade and Advance

Advance your InterAction implementation and take advantage of the new features to make your data management easier and more intuitive, automate the collection and maintenance of data, add intelligence to your relationships, and allow you to perform analytics on your data to provide insight to help you grow your business.

What an Upgrade Looks Like

There are many factors that will affect the effort and timeline of your upgrade including number of environments, the InterAction version you are upgrading from, integrations or customization that you’ve implemented, etc. Below is a typical timeline for a firm that has a simple test and production environment with no major customizations or integrations.


Week 1
Plan & Schedule
Assess the environment, develop plan, schedule the upgrade



Week 2
Review & Test
Review the current features, perfom test upgrade



Week 3
System Review
Perform business process review of new environment



Week 4
Upgrade & Support
Perform production upgrade and post-upgradw support


Your effort

You will work with the Professional Services consultants on all phases of the project. The following resources and time commitments are needed during the upgrade project from the firm to ensure a successful upgrade.