Training is the Difference Between CRM Adoption – Or Lack Of – in Law Firms
August 24, 2019

It wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that CRM systems in law firms are as widely deployed as other business critical systems – accounting and finance, practice management and so on. However, in many firms, user adoption remains a challenge, which is indeed surprising as they offer the potential to make the day to day lives of fee earners, partners, business development and marketing professionals so much easier.

Following in-depth discussions with several organisations, often poor CRM adoption boils down to training – or lack of. Rather mistakenly, training isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach. It is only effective when it is tailored to the needs of the various end users, as depending on the role, the requirements vary.

To this end, at LexisNexis®InterAction®, we have developed a suite of training courses to help the Marketing, Business Development and IT teams drive CRM user adoption in their firms.

There are three primary drivers for training in client organisations:

  • New clients – Firms investing in CRM today astutely recognise the value of best practice adoption, from day one. It ensures the firms understand the reasons for adopting the discipline, helps utilise change management, ensures that users understand the solution and pre-empts initial teething issues to prevent them from turning into long term problems.
  • Re-positioning CRM – Firms see the value of CRM, especially in today’s competitive landscape, but because negative perceptions can sometimes become so deeply ingrained, changing the cultural mindset becomes challenging.   Re-training the stakeholders with the objective of re-engaging with InterAction has proven to be successful in helping firms appreciate the value of CRM from personal and business ROI standpoints. It helps firms understand not only what the solution can do for them, but more importantly what they – as end users – expect of the system. In this regard, Client Advisors work with firm to recommend training requirements to help reposition InterAction in the firm.
  • Refresher courses – Training must never be a one-off. As maturity levels increase, undertaking refresher courses to learn of the more sophisticated aspects of a solution’s functionality goes a long way in strengthening the discipline in an organisation.  In fact, many of our clients request training to allow them to understand where to go next with InterAction as their ‘CRM maturity’ improves.

Our tailored courses are providing important roles like Data Stewards with critical GDPR training. From a business standpoint, given that data is increasingly driving decision-making in firms, there is interest in Report Training that provides the participants with a full understanding of the rich, out-of-the-box functionality that InterAction offers.  We are also often asked to train the ‘trainers’ at client organisations so that they can then devise customised training for their Partners and lawyers on a wide number of topics.

The overall feedback on our training programmes has been exceedingly positive. A leading full-service Scottish law firm, who is repositioning InterAction within the organisation says: “This is a huge task – from strategy planning and data cleansing to training a mixture of users. Due to the dedicated support team and training offered by LexisNexis, it feels manageable.”.

LexisNexis performs Strategic System assessments and provides a report on the current state of your InterAction environment; as well as GDPR assessments to highlight potential areas of non-compliance. It’s worth speaking to your Client Advisor to determine the most useful training courses for your users.

Mani Nanua

Mani Nanua

With 11 years’ experience in the legal industry, all of which has revolved around LexisNexis InterAction, Mani today helps clients to rollout and embed the solution into their organisations. He trains existing and new clients on the solution to ensure successful adoption of CRM through best practice methodologies. He specialises in helping firms to re-position InterAction in the organisation to reinvigorate user adoption. He is also called upon by clients for advice on ...

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