Advanced Data Management

A sign of a successful firm is how well it protects and manages sensitive client data. Improve the integrity of your data with InterAction.

Secure Insights Mean Better Business

Your firm’s ability to track client relationships and gain valuable insights in support of business development goals becomes a streamlined process when you rely on LexisNexis® InterAction® IQ (IQ). This enterprise relationship management (ERM) system is an intelligence layer that is embedded directly into your InterAction CRM platform to automate updates to your client and prospect data. Reliable data allows you to segment and target your campaigns and communications, bolstering marketing impact, enhancing client experience, and improving the return on your marketing investment. It gives you control of your data and, in turn, the growth of your firm.

Passive Data Capture

Keep contact data clean, current, and complete with InterAction Passive Data Capture. We use AI natural language processing to gather contact information from one of the most accurate sources of contact information available — email signature blocks. No need for additional data entry.

Data Compliance

Support compliance with data privacy regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA, with InterAction’s IQ enterprise relationship management. IQ enables your firm to demonstrate it has a legitimate reason to hold contacts and offers options to manage user and privacy settings. It’s the only ERM that fully integrates with the full suite of data tools available, so you can have confidence in your foundational data.

Data Integrity

Enjoy the security of reliable and trustworthy data with our robust set of data management tools and processes. From Data Change Management (DCM) that allows you to choose how you manage data changes to Duplicate Management that lets you easily identify duplicates and merge the best information from each, InterAction is equipped to maintain the highest quality data.

Harness the Power of Data

Our innovative CRM solution helps you turn relationship insights into real results.