Data-Driven Decisions

Successful business development strategies are built on rich client data. InterAction empowers your firm with valuable insights, fostering a data-driven culture for firm growth.

Do More with Your Data

LexisNexis® InterAction® data holds a wealth of valuable information that can help inform business development decisions to improve client service, promote firm growth, and increase profitability. Once key information is collected, our range of reporting options helps you deliver relevant insights to the right people, how they want it, and when they need it.

Microsoft® Power BI® Data Model

The simplicity and power of Power BI® brings InterAction data to life through interactive visualizations to make even the most complex data easily digestible. Access a selection of standard report templates to help track activities and opportunities, map relationships, and monitor data updates, as well as the ability to design for your own needs. You can also use Power BI® to better understand the status of your pipeline. You’ll be empowered to view your pipeline summary, forecast, and detailed analysis to better understand business by partner, source, month, client, and more.

Platform Reporting

Our built-in reporting tool comes with over 50 out-of-the-box reports — powered by SSRS. Platform Reporting enables your professionals, sales managers, and marketing users to surface and analyze the data that is important to them on a day-to-day basis. With the InterAction Report Designer, you can edit reports, create new reports, and make these reports available to your organization.

Data Management and Contact Health Dashboards

Specifically designed to visualize and support functionality, these dashboards will help you to both monitor and proactively manage the health of firm contacts. By promoting the value of high-quality data while minimizing risk associated with stale, incomplete, and outdated contacts, you can protect contacts that may be in danger of losing connection with the firm due to lateral moves or other changes, making it easier to both retain and grow business relationships.

Engagement Insights

InterAction insights provide comprehensive insights into users’ engagement with target contacts and companies. Our reporting data can be used to empower business development initiatives, highlight potential risks, and uncover details that could increase chances for opening and/or winning new opportunities.

See It in Action

The InterAction Strategic Data subscription expands the use of your InterAction data so that your team can clearly see and understand priorities, initiatives, and opportunities alongside the companies, people, and relationships that are key to growing your business.