Relationship Intelligence

Turn your firm’s relationship information into growth opportunities with actionable, accurate relationship intelligence.

More Than Just Data

InterAction IQ  is built for the way legal and professional service firms do business, so actionable relationship intelligence is at our very core. Our CRM goes beyond simply delivering client data — we show you how to make the most of it, too. Capable of analyzing data, identifying patterns, and providing valuable insights, InterAction uncovers new opportunities to strengthen relationships and grow your firm.

LexisNexis® InterAction® IQ

InterAction IQ is the only enterprise relationship management solution that fully integrates with the full suite of InterAction data tools to help your firm maintain up-to-date contact information and evaluate relationship strength. With automatic updates, IQ saves your team time while delivering more accurate and insightful data.

Engagement Scoring

Client relationships are the foundation for your business development, but they can be difficult to qualify and track. InterAction IQ analyzes engagement strength for each contact and maintains the score in the InterAction database, helping you uncover high-value business opportunities, prioritize relationships, and guide activities.

Who-Knows-Whom Functionality

Strong client relationships are the foundation of your business strategy — and leveraging those across your firm is essential to delivering growth. Our who-knows-whom functionality automatically reveals who within the firm has a relationship with a particular contact, and embeds it across your team’s workflow.

Improved Business Development

In a competitive market, your firm’s ability to nurture positive client relationships is its greatest tool for securing new business. InterAction’s full suite of tools shares valuable relationship data and analysis to help effectively target your business development efforts, improve client retention, identify clients at risk, and reveal opportunities for your firm’s growth.

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