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Boost your approach to business planning and development with InterAction

It’s easy to get siloed in today’s work environment of “do more with less.” Each person and department has their own specialty, and there’s little time to get a deeper understanding of other areas in the business or firm. However, firm-wide alignment on objectives will improve the ability to reach business development goals as well as improve the chances of serving a client through multiple practice areas.

With LexisNexis® InterAction® Business Planning and Pipeline Management, users are empowered to collaborate on initiatives and understand the bigger picture when it comes to firm goals.

Business Planning and Strategy

Align and collaborate on opportunities that will drive the highest profitability for your firm. It all starts with developing your business strategies, setting your objectives, and making a plan to reach those goals. As a result, your teams make smarter decisions about where to invest time and money to drive a greater return on investment​. With InterAction Business Planning and Pipeline Management tools you can:

1. Plan your objectives

Plan your objectives

2. Set your priorities

Set your priorities

3. Manage initiatives

Manage initiatives

4. Achieve firm alignment

Achieve firm alignment

Complete Pipeline Visibility

With your firm aligned and working to reach goals, you and your teams will want to track opportunities and their progress. InterAction business development tools give you complete pipeline visibility, so your teams can:

  • Align opportunities and organizational goals
  • Use data in your pipeline to discover new business opportunities
  • Manage the activities to advance the opportunities

Giving your teams a way to easily capture data, makes it possible for you to gather insights for big picture overviews and improving strategies, or to drill down into details and make tactical adjustments along the way. Both can increase your chances of converting current and future opportunities into wins.

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