Centralized Contact Data You Can Trust

With InterAction Contact Management

Centralized Contact Data You Can Trust

With InterAction Contact Management

Improve Contact Access and Accuracy

If you don’t trust the quality of your contact data, you can’t make the most of it. InterAction provides a centralized historical contact database to ensure your entire firm will always have access to the most accurate and current contact data, helping improve the efficiency of your business development efforts.

Access Current,
Accurate Contacts

Duplicates and Errors

Institutional Knowledge

New contact information

can be entered and immediately be accessed by everyone at the firm.

Streamline Your Contact Management Process
Improve Accuracy Having a centralized contact information repository helps your organization avoid conflicting information or duplicate contacts and provides a single accurate version for each contact.
Ensure Reliability A variety of data security and quality mechanisms such as machine learning to improve duplicate contact detection help to ensure the contact data used for client and prospect communications is accurate and reliable.
Protect Data A single, firm-wide contact database helps to preserve institutional knowledge by securing key prospect and client information when a professional leaves the firm.
Control Confidentiality When adding and editing contacts in InterAction, professionals can choose which information they want to contribute to the centralized contact database and which they want to keep confidential.
Increase Efficiency Your firm can stop wasting administrative time and billable hours by configuring the automatic acceptance of updates for some or all contacts.

InterAction IQ can make your firm’s entire contact management process more efficient, more reliable and more productive.

A CRM strategy aligned perfectly with our strategic goal to grow the firm, and InterAction fit our CRM needs.”

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