Crucial Data Embedded Where You Work

Improve Workflow and Alleviate End-User Adoption Challenges

LexisNexis® InterAction® embeds client relationship data into user workflows across Microsoft® Outlook®, Word, and Excel®, allowing everyone in your firm to capture, update, and reference the information where they work the most.

Available for both desktop and subscription versions of Microsoft®  Office, this application harnesses the power of your firm’s client relationship data, delivering it at the right time so professionals can update, access, and consume client relationship data within their natural workflow at their desk or on the go.

View Opportunities in Real Time
  • Professionals derive value from the data within their natural workflow at their desk or on the go, improving workflow and eliminating unnecessary efforts
  • Marketing and business development professionals get better data, improving the success of their growth efforts
  • The IT team gains a simplified experience for maintaining an application
Leveraging a LexisNexis patented technology, this application is delivered through a hybrid cloud model that enables a cloud-based application to securely access data (without storing it at rest) regardless of where it resides – on-premises behind a firewall, in a private cloud, or in a public cloud environment. This hybrid model combines the best aspects of SaaS with the control and choice clients demand. New innovation can be delivered seamlessly while enabling firms to manage and store the data where they prefer. 
An alert tab shows employment and job title changes of contacts. One touch allows you to log email as an activity.
Find and return information on contacts selected within Word documents. Information appears in a pane to the right of the screen where CRM tasks can be performed; e.g., add/view activities, review relationship info, add/remove from list.
Integrate InterAction CRM data with data in Excel spreadsheets, with contact information appearing in a pane to the right of the screen.
Make a VoIP call directly from the InterAction for Office 365 and record it as an activity.
Includes the convenient option to enable “automatically create email” or “automatically create phone call” activity for a contact.

Increase User Adoption

Embedded data puts the information where it is needed most — in Outlook®, Word, and Excel®


Surface contact details, perform CRM tasks, and hyperlink to VoIP, emails, and company information without leaving the application


Maximize the value and use of data by placing it in the hands of professionals when they need it most — on desktops and mobile devices


Control sensitive data and relationships while benefiting from seamless application updates

Learn How to Maximize
the Value of Your CRM Data

Empower Client Relationships.
Improve Service. Drive New Business.

Learn How To Maximize The Value Of Your CRM Data

Microsoft® Outlook®

  • Search and validate contact information
  • Add new contact in two clicks
  • Alerts for employment and job title changes
  • Use embedded pane for daily tasks such as add/view activities, review relationship information or add/remove from a list
  • Set options to automate activity tracking

Microsoft® Excel®

  • Map columns to show and count matches
  • Use embedded pane for daily tasks such as add or view activities, review relationship information, or add/remove from a list

Microsoft® Word

  • Highlight text to search for contact in database
  • Use embedded pane for daily tasks such as add/view activities, review relationship information, or add/remove from a list.
We Listened. Your Feedback Helped Us Develop InterAction for Office 365!
User Interface Pane Greatly simplifies how to log emails and add contacts and activities with a
redesigned pane that shows high-level contact data and key information across three tabs: Activities, Relationships, and Lists.
Contacts One click to identify if an email sender (plus anyone in CC) is an InterAction contact, and display relevant contact information.

Two clicks to add any contact not in CRM to your InterAction database.

Alerts Alerts shown under a single Activities tab include employment change and job title change.
Activities Past and future activities are displayed in a single, easy-to-read pane with a blue dot indicating future activities and appointments.

Past activities displayed include attended events, RSVPs, phone calls, and meetings.

Log an email as an activity with just one touch.

Relationships Reveals co-workers who know a selected contact as a way to facilitate an introduction from a colleague.
Lists Displays both marketing (with and without sponsorship) or working lists in just one click. You can sponsor, un-sponsor, and remove a contact from a list.

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