Focus Your Engagement Efforts on Opportunities for Success

With InterAction Relationship Scoring

Focus Your Engagement Efforts on Opportunities for Success

With InterAction Relationship Scoring

Target The Right Relationships

Your firm’s time is valuable. When it comes to business development, you need to concentrate your efforts on those individuals and opportunities with the best chance for success. InterAction IQ scores engagement strength for each contact to help you uncover high-value business opportunities, prioritize relationships and guide activities.

Assess Engagement Strength of Each Relationship

Inform Business Development Activities Firm-Wide

Identify Potential Risks to Avoid Client Loss

Make Stronger Connections

Easily identify who in your firm has strong relationships with a key client you are pursuing and select the right person in your firm to make an introduction.

The Business Benefits Of InterAction IQ Relationship Scoring
Gain Complete Contact Insights Get a comprehensive view of each individual’s relevant information, such as company and affiliations, while also seeing mutual connections, previous activities with your firm, and current matters.
Measure Client Connectivity Assess the strength of your firm’s relationship with each individual to determine how many people know a client and how recently and frequently they have interacted.
Evaluate Engagement Level Assess how well each contact is engaged with your firm, ensuring you are focusing on the right relationships and building the relationship intelligence you need to generate more business.
Build a Valuable Resource With InterAction IQ Relationship Scoring, create a resource that can be used from Outlook by any attorney or business development professional to find prospects for future work.

Armed with InterAction IQ, you’ll know the right person to pursue for additional business, along with the right person in your firm to make the introduction.

Improve Client Retention

Identify weak client relationships and develop plans to strengthen them to avoid lost business.

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