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Can You Count on Your Client Data?

With high growth law firms allocating up to 17% of their revenue to marketing, and digital advertising accounting for as much as 40.5% of all their leads, it is no wonder that average and high growth law firms have listed data quality as their #1 marketing challenge for the past three years.

At a time when experts estimate that one-third of firms’ data becomes stale within one year, InterAction’s Data Quality Services will enable you to regain control of your data, promoting a robust ROI on your marketing spend.

Trust InterAction Data Quality Services to maintain your InterAction CRM

LexisNexis®InterAction® data quality experts and consultants handle updating your data and tailor a plan to fit your firm’s changing data management needs. You don’t ever have to lose control of your database again.

Download our InterAction Data Quality Services brochure now to learn more about what our Professional Services Consultants can do for your critical client data.

Quality Data Impacts Client Relationships and Business Development
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Improve your firm’s marketing ROI
High growth firms are able to target clients effectively with digital marketing efforts.
better user experiece
Build stronger relationships with clients
Know how to stay in contact with clients—client history helps keep track of meaningful points that let clients know you value them.
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Help better inform business decisions that affect your bottom line
Know which clients rely on your firm consistently, which clients have recently changed companies, and which clients are more open to new business development opportunities.

Features of InterAction Data Quality Services

Comprehensive, all-inclusive service
Comprehensive, all-inclusive service
that encompasses consultancy, data strategy, and data stewarding services
Trusted partner
Trusted partner
with dedicated, full-time LexisNexis Data Quality Analysts trained and certified in the InterAction data quality process and system
Experienced consultants
Experienced consultants
manage your experience and provide weekly and monthly touchpoints and trend reporting
Experienced consultants
Assured data security and data privacy
using LexisNexis infrastructure and benefiting from sophisticated security policy and measures
Experienced consultants
Flexible options
to meet your long- and short-term data management needs
data quality service
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