Learning from Previous
Economic Downturns:
Positioning Your Law Firm
for Success

InterAction Deep-Dives into Successful
Legal Marketing Tactics in Times of Crisis

Read the LexisNexis® InterAction® in-depth, global research report, Confronting the 2020 Downturn: Learned by Law Firm Marketing Professionals During Previous Economic Crises, and discover how adapting digital marketing tactics of successful firms will help your law firm seize the inevitable business opportunities that lie ahead.

How have other firms survived?

What steps did they take to mitigate risk, stem cash loss, and eventually draft plans for recovery – and even develop their marketing strategies for future growth? What can we learn from them?

Technology-driven marketing strategy is the key to riding out this economic storm.

Join InterAction for a live webinar to discuss how top legal marketing experts recovered from previous economic crises – and even planned for future growth in the midst of uncertainty. You’ll learn their tips, strategies, plans, and statistics, helping you to visualize a future of prosperity using the right tools and technology.

Confronting the 2020 Downturn:  Lessons Learned from Legal Marketing

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

11 am ET | 4 pm GMT+1


Scott Wallingford
V.P. & General Manager, LexisNexis Software Solutions

Meghan Frank
Global Director of Marketing, LexisNexis Software Solutions

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