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Why Your Firm Needs CRM
May. 6, 2021

Law firms, no matter the size, ultimately have the same goal: to achieve efficiency and control at all levels of the organization. That means never wasting money and never watching potential clients fall through the cracks.

If you haven’t yet implemented a client relationship management (CRM) system, you may be wondering if that goal is achievable or if actual control is just a pipe dream. Is there really a way to implement a new, integrated system that will eliminate gaps in your internal communication system, pinpoint the best customers, gain quality leads, retain the clients you have for years to come, and still see a return on your investment? Absolutely.

Gone are the days when a simple spreadsheet program will cover all the bases to remain competitive, even in a smaller firm. If you are serious about bringing your firm up to a new level of professionalism, you need a good CRM, because without it, you are most likely going to be trapped in an endless loop of growing demands for regular data updates and personal outreach.

Providing only minimal capabilities to get by is no longer going to cut it. InterAction® from LexisNexis®, the leading CRM among law firms, works as a marketing and business development ally, leaving the control in your hands to tailor to your organization’s specific needs.

Why firms need CRM

When firms are very small and comprise just a handful of individuals, the process of leveraging relationships is done organically through human interaction. Firm meetings, chance conversations in the hallway or around the water cooler are sufficient to keep everyone apprised of critical happenings within the firm, important relationships being formed, work being pitched to prospects, and engagements currently being undertaken.

However, as the firm grows in size and expands geographically, these natural human interactions become impossible to sustain. As a result, one of the most natural and productive dynamics firms have for leveraging their knowledge about people and relationships breaks down, threatening the firm’s growth potential, image, client service, and retention capabilities.

To avoid the inevitable breakdown that comes with success and growth, successful firms supplement the human network with a CRM solution capable of mimicking it on a larger scale. Firms need CRM to provide a centralized architecture capable of aggregating, managing, and delivering Relationship Intelligence to users whenever it’s needed, wherever they are, in whatever technology environment they prefer.

What can a CRM do for your firm?

Let’s break down the specifics as to why you need a CRM solution. The right solution improves efficiency, integrates with your current systems, and can pay for itself many times over.

The result you gain is what we call Relationship Intelligence – having in-depth knowledge of your contact data and making it work for you. Let’s talk about five areas where InterAction can improve the quality of your marketing and business development, which in turn translates into billable hours and helps you bring in the next big client.

Most NLJ500 firms should be developing relationships with key executives, so to gain or retain their attention and business, you need to form meaningful connections with them.

At its core, InterAction maintains categorized lists of your clients, prospects, firm alumni, and other important contacts. It also maps the relationships and connections of firm members with clients and prospects to provide a single view of the firm’s engagement profile – who the firm knows and how you can capitalize on those relationships to strengthen business ties and grow revenues.

By tracking interactions with clients and prospects, InterAction allows you to engage on a personal level, merging information from your contact records into everything from event invitations, personalized emails, alerts, and thought leadership, to social media. It also simplifies the process of scheduling meetings, letters, emails, and phone calls to help establish and nurture your standing as a trusted legal advisor.

In order to focus your efforts on the approaches that are most effective, a CRM solution should report back to you on the trends over time, efficiency, and success rates in your marketing and relationship-building efforts. It motivates your employees and reminds you to continuously maintain existing client relationships and keep focus on building new ones.

Tracking client interactions from everyone within your firm is invaluable. Even if your firm only takes referrals, you should be nurturing those referral sources. One employee’s personal knowledge can turn into the entire firm’s advantage in building stronger bonds with a prospect or existing client.

No matter the size of the organization, information can be lost in the shuffle. With InterAction you can see:

  • Greater marketing impact
  • Fewer client defections
  • Increased cross-sell and up-sell revenues
  • Reduced impact from employee turnover on client relationships

Clean, accurate CRM data

We understand the importance of clean and accurate CRM data, but many CRM providers leave it up to their customers to institute processes to ensure the cleanliness of the CRM database. The signature capture functionality in InterAction IQ cleans and updates your InterAction data using one of the most accurate sources of contact information available, saving your firm administrative effort and expense. And contact data normalization gives the firm more standardized and accurate contact data.

While InterAction has a proven track record of return on investment (ROI) for law firms, pairing it with InterAction IQ gives you an even better view of the most up-to-date client interactions. In addition, InterAction and InterAction IQ can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office, and other programs in wide use in law firms today. Access to client data can be tailored for a need-to-know basis only.

You’ll gain:

  • Centralized contact management
  • Marketing list management
  • Relationship management
  • Integration with e-marketing
  • Professional services to help optimize CRM infrastructure, implementation, and maintenance

Strategy behind relationship advancement

While CRM can seem challenging, the ROI will far outweigh the alternative of using old tools and methods, with incomprehensible data formats and file types. Investing in InterAction can be one of the most strategic decisions your firm makes to advance your CRM management strategy.

Not all firms are alike, and not all CRM solutions are alike either. InterAction strikes the delicate balance between delivering a wide range of benefits to help you gain greater control of your data, and quickly improving your firm’s productivity and efficiency. You’ll also gain additional management features to make sure you are maximizing your marketing and business development potential.

So, stop contemplating and start moving!
There has never been a better time for InterAction.

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