InterAction Training Services

LexisNexis Education and the LexisNexis University (LNU) site offer a variety of InterAction training options to meet your needs. Learn LexisNexis InterAction concepts and workflows so you can drive firm outcomes immediately after training. LexisNexis considers training to be paramount to the success of your CRM and change management project. Our interactive, hands-on, engaging curriculum delivers best practices and uses real world examples and scenarios.
Increasing User Adoption

A successful InterAction rollout means that your users understand the value of using your CRM. Make sure you plan for their immediate and future education.

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Building Firm Brand and Reputation

In an industry built on relationships, a firm’s ability to successfully retain and win new business is dependent on the careful management of its reputation. Learn how to incorporate our CRM tool into the business development and marketing processes that already work for your firm.

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Applying Data Quality Solutions

Your client data is the foundation of your firm.

Without the right strategy for managing the validity and accuracy of your data, you risk erosion of internal trust in the data. Or, even worse, you risk damaging the client’s experience, and with it, your firm’s reputation.

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Sustain and Grow My Business

Fuel your firm’s growth by rethinking your business development strategy with InterAction. Through step-by-step guides available directly within InterAction, our education team will help support your team as they identify objectives, plan initiatives, and manage opportunities.

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Talk to One of Our Experts
Learn how you can add more value to your firm’s relationships with InterAction.
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